residence life


It feels good to be back.

After a short 2 year hiatus from writing, I am getting back into the grind.

I’ve been quiet for too long, but with good reason. I took time to focus on me and to get to a place where I finally understand who I am (for the most part) and to have a grasp on what I am doing and where I am going; what causes me hurt and what brings me joy. You can say I grew, but I think most of all, I’ve become more of who I am meant to be.

Professionally, while my title remains the same, I’ve branched out to learn about numerous things that have nothing to do with residence life, but to then actually apply them in a residential life context. Something that I’ve discovered is a field called Instructional Systems Technology and I am currently enrolled in a Master’s certificate through the School of Education at Indiana University. I am still learning, but as I dive deep into the coursework, I am discovering new ways to apply what I am learning to revolutionize how we develop training curriculums for students and staff, how we can better evaluate staff members using Human Performance Technology, and how we can be more engaging with our students through technology.

I hope you enjoy what I bring to the table. It’s good to be back.