Valerie Heruska lives by the words of the great philosopher, Bruce Springsteen: You can’t start a fire without a spark. A native of New Jersey, Bruce impacted her life from an early start. His lyrics defined her passion for learning and trying new things; by finding that spark and figuring out how to ignite that into a fire.

Valerie is a higher education professional based out of Bloomington, IN. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from The Pennsylvania State University and a Master’s of Higher Education Administration from George Washington University. Currently, she is working on a Master’s Certificate in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University.

Valerie is a instructional design geek. With a drive to figure out how to best engage student staff members with a new way of learning processes and procedures, Valerie started courses in Instructional Systems Technology in hopes of figuring out a way to enhance the student learning experience by utilizing Instructional Design and Human Performance Technology. Valerie has the desire to push the field of higher education and student affairs into a new direction by making processes more efficient and utilizing technology to bolster student success.

She is a supporter of getting rid of the “way we’ve always done it” mentality and believes that being creative in designing trainings can yield better results with students and staff members. Her other interest include hiking with her dog, Jersey, exploring Indiana State Parks, baking biscotti, experimenting with new coffee flavors, and hopes to travel to Italy to become a certified barista.